Donut Hole Day

Today has just been as empty as a donut hole. Thus, the title. Now that I’ve given that away, here’s a disadvantage about owning a BlackBerry™ with BlackBerry™ services. The other day I was spending time on the metro (not really spending time, more trying to get to VK) and I got so engrossed BBMing my brother that I missed my station and then had to take the reciprocating train back.

It just took me one sentence to write that, but trust me, at the time in my head, it felt like an entire blog post. With lots of exclamation marks. I think it’s because I’m feeling kind of empty at the moment.

So in order to feel a little more important, Im going to proceed to pick up a heavy book with a heavy title on the front and read it till I get distracted by the new look of my own blog. 😀 (Don’t look at me like that, I’m being honest about something everyone does 😛 )

Isn’t it lovely, the blog I mean? I took all morning in the office to give it a makeover and honestly, I feel like I’ve done some productive work! 😀

Also, there’s a little gallery at the bottom of the sidebar where I’ll be updating recent photographs, so now you know I’m really trying to get back on track and interact with all you guys out there. I can be awesome too 😉

x EdgyShark x


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