It’s Been A Long Time

Today was a decent day at work because I came in, knew what I had to work on and immediately began on the file. Also, there was some confusion in the morning as everyone was on their knees looking for a copy of ‘Philosophy of Evidence’ as if they were actually looking for a lost mouse on the office floor. I tried to help because obviously they would love me if I’d have been able to seek it, but we kinda found out that it was lying in the boss’ car all that while, and it was his negligence that had caused the office to turn into four year old idiots transiently.

I sat down with my case with great gusto knowing that the boss had himself given it to me, and also knowing fully well that today being a Friday, I might get a shot at leaving early and going to have fun actually wearing a pair of jeans and a top that doesn’t have a collar or reek of formality.

But my sub conscious self however kicked in and suddenly as I was sifting through the photos on my laptop (The net wasn’t working there either, so its some DNS issue with me being cursed when it comes to IP access) I came to the sad revelation that I, as a person, am as tiny as it gets and I’m never going to grow taller.

I felt so funny standing there in two inch heels. Like who the hell am I kidding? As if that’s ever going to make a difference. Now I know what you must be thinking, this is purely an episode that’s playing in my head. However, it makes me feel like people don’t take me seriously or professionally because of my size.  I mean, come on! For God’s sake, Im earning as much as graduates do, and I have a brain the size of the universe. But whatever.

I’ve been drowning myself in a pool of work trying to save a total tard who’s filed a petition against his dad, who’s dad has apparently acted unlawfully by increasing the authorized share capital and what not. Seriously?

Anyway, I’m going to make myself non insignificant, non irrelevant and non inconsequential if I can. Because really, those are the things I’ve been feeling.

x EdgyShark x

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