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I Let The Dogs Out

I’ve narrowed down the two kinds of people in this world to (brace yourselves)

  1. Dog Lovers
  2. Dog Haters

Before you continue, I don’t intend to direct this towards people who are indifferent towards these regal creatures. You could not like dogs but not hate them at the same time – I’d respect someone who just let the dogs of the world be.

I was fortunate to have a pet when I was younger, but he died. I had so many people in my family who’d just come and be all freaked out when they met Snoopy, almost like a circus clown on display. I mean, come on people! He’s just another member of the family, if we can all just chill out a little.

I think dogs are just the best things on the planet ever. The simplest pleasures that life can probably give to you are not in the form of jewellery, ladies. They’re dogs. Sweet little face lickers that can just about turn anyone’s day around.

Right here in this sordid squalid crap hole that I’m currently serving past life karmic time at, I am fortunate enough to have met the two best friends ever – Pudro and Denny. They’re more sophisticated and trained than most people I’ve ever met in my life, let alone every last person I’ve met here (except my other friends who indulge these four legged cuties along with me). They’re more polite and mindful and faithful than you’d ever imagine and my day isn’t complete without having fed them. I am greeted with more hugs and kisses by those dogs than having even endured my mum smother me when I do home runs.

As is our usual routine, J and I met to fed the dogs and play with them during dinner time after which Pudro followed me back to the dorms. In the meanwhile, as I kept playing and petting him, I was accosted by a bunch of dog haters who tried to “shoo” him away with an iron pole. (I MEAN HOW HEARTLESS IS MY STORY ALREADY?)

If that’s not enough, I was asked to stop petting the dog and stop showing compassion because “Oh there have been complaints of him biting other girls.” “PUDRO? BITING PEOPLE? LOL.”

I don’t understand why people can’t just let dogs be. I mean, if you don’t like them, just don’t come in their way. There’s one thing my dad’s taught me about animals, you can look one in the eye and just tell what it’s thinking. It’s the same with Pudro; he’s got the deepest brown kind eyes I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and I know for a fact that him, or any other dog in the world wouldn’t harm a human being unless they’re defending themselves while being attacked: Read – Dog Hater Human Losers.

Forget empathy, people here don’t even have basic manners to speak to others. But then that’s what our country’s made of, people who like to throw their potbellied weight around. (You don’t like the AIB Roast video, just don’t WATCH IT! Stop calling it vulgar comedy and making sure someone else doesn’t either! – it’s the same philosophy! Just leave the dog alone!)

Dog haters are probably in-built psychopaths – it’s like hating human beings on the general. Who does that? One man causes harm to me and I hate the entire human race? Grow UP.

I think people bite people more than dogs biting people, for sure. And by people, I mean firstly the very lady who only laid a finger on the dog because her stupid son was scared. You can’t even live and let live and you call yourself a Gandhian.

You build a darned failed university on fraudulent land in the wilderness and then claim there are dogs and cows invading it. Like hello? Can someone wake Sid up because this irony is just oozing out of my skin.

Here’s my very valuable advice Dog haters are people you should be wary of – a simple trait of just hating a dog gives you a replete insight into their personalities. These are people who make judgments based on hearsay; people who have their own notions in the air of what in the world is right and what is wrong – people who think out of their bums and most often turn out to be those who display signs of terrorism (as big or small the situation might account for – bullies, failures etc.)

Really, you’re forming an opinion about a dog that hasn’t even looked in your direction, and you’re already basing lies on the poor thing stating it’s going around biting people – also knowing fully well you can get away with whatever you say because that dog can’t even open its mouth to defend itself?

THESE are the wonderful teachers that are teaching the law today. I rest (and spit!) my case.

x EdgyShark x


It’s Raining Harder

I’ve never believed there’s a God. Religion’s always been a subject that’s irritated me to bits because I don’t understand the idea of praying before someone and feeling small in front of an entity that we’ve never set eyes upon. Who knows if He exists right? We’ve got so many people in the world believing in different ideas of the same God, just like a sea of humanity, with one musician here and a Steve Jobs there.

Then again, out of sheer desperation, there have been times when I’ve been reduced to what every man does in a terrible terrible situation – ask God for help. Just because it seemed like the right thing, heck the only thing to do at the time.

I’ve asked for a lot of personal stuff I’m not comfortable writing about, that involved every other person that I know, ranging from my mum to people I don’t know like the one beggar I always saw on the street on my way to school and the chauffeur and only He knows who else, and He got them what I asked Him to get them.

I have seen it happening in front of me, and I know they’ve got what I asked Him to get them. But I’ve only ever asked for very few things for myself. I asked God to get me into NLUD. He betrayed me there, and put me into HNLU instead. After that the one thing I remember asking for was to have people around me who cared for me and appreciated my presence. Didn’t happen either. I consoled myself by telling myself that I didn’t ask for it with a pure heart or I didn’t ask for that strong enough.

If there’s something, He’s only let me fall and I don’t want to go into all that philosophical shit about how you gotta fall to get back on your feet. I didn’t ask for lessons in happiness, then again, I didn’t even ask for happiness. All I asked for was some care and affection.

Guess it’s too much to ask for because it’s raining harder than ever. I’m in a bit of a fix now because I’ve asked for the happiness of a lot of people, and they’re really settled in their lives now, I can see that. No one’s asked for happiness for me because it’s too many wishes gone waste.

Yet, dilemmas and nightmares are taking a toll on me because I don’t know now whether to believe or not to believe.. I know when you ask for something, you sure do get it, but it’s not making me happy and I’m tired of looking out for the rest of the world, feeding everyone I know with muffin tops and keeping the burnt bits for myself.

Profound how this force is just pulling me under with every passing minute. I guess I’m one of few that know He’s there but don’t want to believe because He’s doing nothing for me.

I wouldn’t thus say it’s easier, but Guillaume Canet’s more real to me than God will be. Canet + pizza on a really bad night back in shutter island as opposed to shutting my eyes tight and soaking my soul with the warmth of my salty tears doesn’t just sound better, it feels better too. Whatever floats my boat, right?

x EdgyShark x

Goin’ Downtown

I’m trying to have a very hard time deciding what I want to do for the start of my 20th year on this godforsaken planet. The answer’s simple, I want to do something that involves not a soul but myself because I’m really tired of everyone. There’s not a single person that I can count on without making me feel like pure balderdash about everything.

I’m done thinking every damn thing is my fault, and at this point, even if it is, I really don’t care. Gone are the days when people actually bothered or thought something highly of me. Gone are the days when people went out of their way to do something for me.

When I ask someone to get me some treasured red Dom from a duty free shop I don’t expect their reply to be ‘guess what, I’l just buy it here in India it’s not big deal’. It’s kind of a big deal when you spent hours purchasing malt for your friends and conveniently forgot about me.

It’s kind of a big deal when someone talks about every wonderful thing every individual has done to them and when it comes to me, you make a countenance expressing utmost disgust sneaking a whiff of ‘stop eating my brains out’.

Man, I sure don’t look like it, but I have feelings too. But I guess that’s the extent of my independent nature – it’s taken me to a place where I truly don’t need anyone to do anything for me. Yet I recall a hundred instances where others, no matter how un-needy they were, still had people flocking towards them like a moth to a flame.

I want to live in a world where bother is unknown and someone cares. And that care is not reduced to the likes of annoyance making me feel guilty for every wrong happened to every man on earth.

I want to be alone, so alone that I don’t hear a single voice emanating anywhere and that I have finally found peace in my mind and my heart.

For the start of my 20th year here on this godforsaken planet, I want to feel a blank space.

x EdgyShark x

Wear Your Heart On Your Skin

Part of My Things To Do Before I Turn 20 List!

Today I got inked.

It was a pretty scintillating experience, and to begin with, I’d like to let you guys know that it didn’t hurt one bit. I got it done on the nape of my neck, and day before yesterday, my sister got her’s on her collar bone and frankly people who cry during their inking process are probably shamming – if not that then endurance really has different levels for different people.

Anyhow, I’m really happy, because while the artist was working on my skin I realized I’ve come a long way from being scared of needles and screaming like a banshee at EEDF Hospital and scaring Dr. Mal when I was a toddler, to sitting with profound nonchalance as I get a tattoo on my back, and done with my teens.

This was also one of the things I wanted to get done before turning 20, so voila! More posts coming up on the rest of the things I want to accomplish!

x EdgyShark x

P.S Here’s a special shout out to Unnati who not only told me about this super cool artist here, but also stayed with me and darted furtive glances, and refused to make it a big deal while I pretended to clench my teeth. She said it’s a cakewalk and it was. ❤

The Karma Cafe – The Distance Between Closure and Revenge

I think we’ve lost it as a country – arresting people for posting facebook statuses while living in a democracy and then screaming joy because a terrorist was finally sentenced to death. Disclaimer: Please do not read the rest of this thought if you think I’m being insensitive. If you’re interested in calling the cops, try me, I’m a law student. So for god’s sake, don’t blame this on me because I’m not a) creating any sort of enmity or b) inciting any individual against any form of government or political system.

I’m going to start with Kasab and what happened earlier this morning – in all secrecy, the man was hanged and put to death at the gallows after being charged for the monstrosity and atrocious acts that he committed in the city of Mumbai four years ago. In my opinion, the government should have just waited another five days and hung him on the 26th of November itself, for sentiment’s sake. However, I refuse to think this brings any kind of closure. It’s true, I have not been affected by the terrorism and neither have I experienced what it might be like to lose someone you love; fair enough, it must be the worst thing to go through in the universe, but how can someone even say that taking revenge, i.e., doing away with the man who killed someone I know and thus caused grief and insurmountable amounts of pain and tragedy, can help me feel better?

I’ve grown up reading Harry Potter so I know what that boy felt like. All his life, he wanted to kill Voldemort, but WHY? People fail to understand that he wanted to kill ol’ Voldie not because he killed his parents but because he also created a havoc and chaos and killed a billion other people.

What I’m trying to get at is that I find this entire concept to be flawed; I understand that procedure has to be followed and one must keep in mind the rule of law and equal protection for all people, no matter who they may be. Nonetheless, saying that his death has caused people closure is wrong. He was a human being caught in the middle of a game; he was a boy who grew up in the worst of company; again, Im NOT saying that it was not his fault, of course it was, but then saying that his death has brought the country closure is a ridiculous thought. Unless we catch all these terrorists and strengthen our defense system, we’re not going to get any closure. Unless we take action to stop spreading hate and animosity, we’re not going to get any closure!

Let the government do what it has to; it is not in the hands of the civilians to interfere with the working of the government unless they’re infringing upon their rights and doing something terribly wrong. Taking someone’s life, even if it may be rendered constitutional, still requires a number of things to be taken into account. It’s obviously understood that his death sentence and hanging has brought peace to those who lost their near and dear ones but for the rest of the nation? It’s a pretty retarded notion to have, “oh that’s awesome, Kasab’s dead, we are safe and we have closure.”

We have only duress to look forward to; we have a shameless world to look on to; we have a disgusting environment for the younger generations to grow up in. Instead of hating a country called ‘Pakistan’ which collectively, at least as per evidence, has done nothing as a whole, we need to look at this with a broader perspective. For Christ’s sake, a guy who spreads terror might have a Pakistani nationality but he could have studied abroad, received funding from abroad and other facilities from people abroad which have influenced and fueled his growth and development.

We need to stop blaming each other and start being the change that we want to see. We need to stop thinking about things like Kasab’s gone now it’s Guru’s turn. Most people do not even bother to read about their lives and see why the execution of their death sentence has been delayed. Instead of venturing into the nitty-gritties and simply discussing futile things over dinner, we bring nothing but disrespect for the judiciary and the executive. This is what unties our shoe strings as a nation, makes us vulnerable to the rest of the world and lets perpetrators infiltrate so easily.

Stop telling people what they need to do unless it is really required. We have smart people here and there and then we have an uneducated mass of people that get swayed easily by whatever someone says. (By uneducated, Im not targeting those that haven’t been to school because we have a ton of people that have received a great amount of education but have stashed all those years in a skeleton closet.)

There might be a hundred terrorists from Pakistan, but what’s the point if we go on killing all of them and playing the blame game? Dangerous terrorists need to be captured and agreed the Pakis need to start taking responsibility for the hate that they’re spreading and the hate that they’re spreading, but as a country, they might have some beautiful people too. On another note, anyone remember Malala Yousufaza, the Afghani supergirl?

People need to be slapped on their faces for calling this a ‘moment of joy’ because ask yourself HOW does this symbolize triumph in any way? I get that people may have lost their loved ones and the one who killed them needs to be hung to death, and now he has. But now that all this is done, isn’t closure going to really come in practicing some love and peace so that little Kasabs are not born time and again?

Screw Kasab, what happens to all those ridiculous Indians? Who you ask?

I’ll give you an in-exhaustive list of perverts, rapists, murderers, eve-teasers and what not who spread terror every single day. What about any kind of person causing violence and agitation among people? Forgotten Dhananjay Chatterjee? of course we have because all we want to do is talk about how Pakistan has butchered the well.

How is this helping the terrorism that’s taking over the rest of the world, the bomb that exploded in Tel Aviv as we speak? How can we say we’re looking for closure when all we’re talking about is being selfish? Like politicians aren’t goons in our country ripping us off our money and sentiment? If there’s anyone to blame its all human beings, and if it has to be brought down to specifics, it’s people with names and those that cause crimes. Given Kasab’s from Pakistan and that the country has not been admitting or accepting the kind of people they have been housing, but on another level doesn’t the same go to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra not replying to Katju, J.’s letter about the extremely arbitrary arrest of the two young girls in Mumbai?

It’s ridiculous that we blame each other for the nonsensical happenings that go on in our lives, much less forget that since we’re not strong as a nation, obviously an alien is going to take advantage of that situation because let’s face it we have individualistic needs. But stop spreading hate and eventually everything will be alright. You might have lost someone at a killer’s hands, but killing him is not going to make things better, it’s going to make you exactly what he was, even if he deserved it. These things are difficult to track down and understand, but the notion of moving on is full of loop holes if you actually assert and tell me that you will wake up tomorrow morning and everything will be rosy as a sunny Sunday morning.

The execution’s fine, but using it as an excuse to say it’s closure is not. He got what he deserved, in my mum’s words, he visited the Karma cafe, but you don’t want to be the one trying his shoes on next, so watch your aura and keep it clean.

Send out good vibes and stop politicizing nonsense.

x EdgyShark x

Soaked in a Rainbow


#SoakNoMore is all I kept telling myself, incident after another, as I delved deeper into the circus madness! 

Toddlers are a handful; and that literally means when you’ve got one kid on your back and a couple others jumping around like hungry monkeys, there’s nothing more you can do with your two hands.

I remember when I was in Mumbai earlier this year, excited to meet all my little cousins (let’s call them Li’l G, Li’l M, Li’l L and Li’l P) and shower them with a zany time, ready to take on sisterhood and babysit them only to have their mums wipe the sweat off their brows and take retreat and tell me I was about to have an eventful next few days. Even though they’re barely three years old, I felt this need to imprint a fabulous time within their minds and have them remember me when they grow older.

The afternoon sun fades away and the kids wake up from their slumber; ‘let’s go to the park’, they start squealing with joy at the thought of having someone able enough to run around with them, unlike their tired mums for a change. ‘It’ll be great for my muscles,’ I think to myself. But first, they needed to be fed. I sat on the python couch as my little sister, Li’l G sulked with a glass of milk in her hands, making faces at me. In my capacity as an older sister I tried to make her smile at a silly joke and drink the milk but little did I know that my joke had more than an excellent effect on her, making her snort the milk out on my clothes.

SOAKED!, in creamy lactose I yelped and tried to get everything cleaned up before someone blamed me for it, while the little imp, she strutted away, happy that her glass of milk was taken care of. After putting on clean clothes, I walked into the next room, looking at Li’l L making faces at his clothes. He had to get dressed, and putting him into his park attire was probably as good as studying a Ph.D in baby sciences. However, it didn’t take him long to make sure that I was SOAKED! in his pee. *YUCK* I thought in my mind, trying to keep my calm together.

‘It’s just pee!!’ I comforted myself while Li’l P was handed into my arms, his drool all over my neck. So much drool, as the little tot laughed and I didn’t even have the heart to put him down and clean my SOAKED!self once again. I was so sure that they’d probably over power me at the park and have me roll around in the mud, so there was no point in getting ready again. We got back home after a great evening and Li’l M and Li’l L bring out their paints, splash it all over the floor and my white shirt, and go tell every soul alive that it was me who did it. SOAKED! in finger paint I gave up, as the need to feel some peace and non-liquidy matter finally SOAKED! my brain 😛

x EdgyShark x

For more information, check out #SoakNoMore at Indiblogger!

21st Century On The Run

This post was written for Indiblogger/Vodafone #InternetIsFun. Click to know more, enjoy reading this on your phone 😀

I can’t seem to imagine a time when people said they didn’t have cell phones, let alone a time that they had no means to even communicate with each other. But it’s true, and it’s formed a past of generations of people, and luckily, I don’t fall into one of those categories, because I wonder, what these people would do when they were;

a) bored

b) caught in awkward situations

c) waiting for someone to arrive

d) ALL of the above! 

And voila, we now have smart phones – the ultimate toy for a penultimate being living in the world today, a device with the world’s best creation, the internet, on it. How can the internet not be fun? It provides utmost amusement to all creatures far and wide, especially when taking the above survey. Let me explain how this works (for me).

*Brace yourself*

Boredom: When my insides are squeaking and yelling out to me and I’m soaking in the hot tropical weather of this country, I feel bored and lazy. I would like to pick up a book or switch on the television, or even my laptop for that matter, but its just too hot to move. At a time like this, my brain tells me to ‘do’ something because well, I’ll get all restless and crazy if I don’t do anything.

Question: So what do I do?

Answer: EASY. Pick up my BB (kept right next to me, don’t even have to stretch my limbs farther than a few cms) and fiddle with it! I can waste happy time this way, browsing through random pages, downloading all kinds of wacky apps, (it’s true, there’s even a period checker 😐 and how *else* would I have known that if it hadn’t been for the inter-galactic-super-awesome-net on my phone?) *Sigh the app store is the next best thing to Zara*

Caught in awkward situations: I have no idea what someone belonging to the yesteryear did when they were caught in an awkward moment; I’ll help you with a few examples – you’re sitting on a deserted bus and someone comes and sits right next to you. Take out your phone and do something on the internet.  OR, an awkward moment where your friend’s having a fight with their relatives and suddenly they turn to you for advice, and your face looks like 😐 Obviously, the internet helps if not more, because you can actually google something worthwhile to say if not absorb yourself into some Angry Birds.

Waiting for someone to arrive: Since we have phones now, we make people wait. Earlier, it was like meet me at the Latte joint at 5 and the world was a more punctual place. Except for that occasional road accident and then you had to wait for the hospital authorities to call someone; now it’s like update your status in a social network account and everyone in the world knows what your deal is. So yes, no digression, tell me, can you think of a world where one cannot whip out their phones and go wild on the internet, especially when they’re busy waiting for people, transport, or even the morning tea to arrive?

Of course you can’t.

So that’s how the internet’s fun for me on my phone!

Let me end with this; if the internet wasn’t fun to do all of the above mentioned on the phone, then I would still be hanging around with one of those hardy pieces of plastic, playing Snake 😀 (b&w!) for eternity.

But then came the internet –> a phone with the internet –> and Power To (You!)Me 😀

To know more, just click And obviously, that’s on the internet too.

Diamonds Shine In The Eyes of the Despicable

My conscience helps me realize the difference between feeling right and feeling guilty. I wouldn’t ever be able to take something from someone and keep using it till God’s eternal will to live without them knowing I’m using it, on the sly. (it’s a different case that I have a bit of an absent mind and that keeps me from giving someone back something sometimes, I’ll admit, but it’s not like I’m still using it to my heart’s content knowing fully well it doesn’t belong to me.) Especially when you ask for it back and the other party tells you they lost it, or they never had it.

If it’s one thing I hate more than someone who stole the diamond, it’s someone who lies about stealing the diamond. In case you’re worried about slander, relax because judgments always change. It’s not like random people are important enough to be posted on the All India Report and have their names and felony charges slapped there for the world to read. Even if that’s the case, (looking at every situation from this point of view), WHO THE HELL is going to open that stupid thick book and go through that particular case unless egged on by some cracked professor obsessed about citations!

Gandhi did some terrible things, albeit, but he also taught people some wonderful things. That entire clan left behind a completely new meaning to the word ‘independence’ for the rest of us fortunate enough to be living in a liberalized democratic nation. Independence isn’t just for people to wave a flag on the 15th of August every year (or your respective country’s date in case there’s actually a foreigner chancing upon my humble abode); it’s to actually understand and act in a certain manner.

If you mope about being obsessed with someone or something so much that you forget everyone around you exists, then fucking throw yourself down the British drain or become some white guy’s personal slave and I’ll be more than happy to sell you and spend the profits happily on Swarovski. I swear. Women all over the world are creating disgusting stereotypes in the minds of men and the rest of us weird souls are getting caught up in the mass disturbance. I mean for God’s sake if you’re living alone, then LEARN to live alone!! It’s not that big a deal! If you can’t deal with it, then it’s been eight months man, MOVE THE HELL OUT!

I.FEEL.TOXIC-ATED. (Like as if a room full of toxic just swallowed me.)

I hate people who deliberately spread negative vibes like incense smoke all over the place; and you try and be nice to them and improve their day in bits and pieces but all they’re going to do is sit on their butts all day long and talk about how unhappy and gloomy the situation is.

Look, my blood is already boiling, and before I reach an Ari Gold stage, I need to go indulge in some physical exercise otherwise I SWEAR to the God I don’t believe in, my vein is going to BURST. I am just so angry right now, judging by the arbitrariness of this post, I’ve put in a few different things from here and there.

Bottom line: Don’t be a THIEF!, and BE independent. Keep Calm and carry on (The last one’s for me.) And remember, I’m not gonna be judgmental unless you give me a reason to be judgmental. I have a very tight temper and a sickeningly short span for patience.

x EdgyShark x

Forever Is An Illusion

There’s an absolutely ridiculous social networking applied idea that came to my notice a few days back; it’s called “WTF: Women Take Forever.” At first, it was alright, even mildly hilarious because sometimes, yes, women do (myself including) take a little more time getting ready and getting out of the house. But it’s not like men aren’t lazy or apply hair products and care about their skin too. But then, the guy who owns the page sent me an e-mail asking me to blog about it and help spearhead the entire movement so that it covers the rest of the planet within some time. I understand that writing this post might seem to spearhead it in some manner, but believe you me, I’m trying to do just the opposite. So anyway, I went through the information posted there and it really disgusted me to know there are men outright insulting women for taking  a little more time. And I understand there might be some women who in all actuality, DO take forever, but there are men like that too. (Some of them, called gay.) Here goes my reply to that guy, after much thought:


I went through your page but I really don’t see how after posting a status update about women commenting you want me to feature you on my blog or wear your tshirts. In case you didn’t notice, I belong to the female gender.
Also, I really don’t think all women take so much time because some of us do understand punctuality and have work and don’t believe in Spending all our free time on the mirror. Do remember, if a woman’s taking all that time, its to look good for her man. You’re probably thinking WTF now, huh? Its not like you’ve met all the women in the world to make such a movement permanent and the jobless pricks who have commented on your page are doing it coz they’re either bored, had a tiff with a woman or just need to vent out anger. Who better to scream at than your girlfriend?

Even if we took a year to put on clothes, face it, you’d still wait because you want to and you’re cribbing just to look cool in front of the other guys.
As for a movement, I think the country’s in a lot of deep shit and you could maybe spend the waiting time thinking about something entrepreneurial which could help bring about real welfare. If that happens, you have no one but a woman to thank.

P.S the reason I took ‘long’ to reply to you was because

A) I have been travelling a lot in the last week, and also at first dismissed your mail mistaking it to be spam and

B) I spent today contemplating how you wanted me to do you this favour by insulting my species.


x EdgyShark x

Don’t Lose The Love

I am just extremely saddened by the negative energy that has been swooping past anyone and everyone, in the last few days. People just need to get a grip on themselves and RELAX. Paranoia never helped anyone and neither did screaming and getting frustrated for no reason, so just because you’re down in the dell doesn’t mean you have to pull others in there too.

This last year has been quite eventful for me personally, because I’ve done a lot and traveled far more than anyone else. I don’t care enough to divulge my memories and the shit that I’ve done because as of this moment, I’m alive and kicking, so there’s really no point pondering over what happened, what broke me or what fixed me. Because whatever happens, happens for the best.

I’m sick of devoting my psychological trips to understanding how other people would react or feel about what I’m doing, because honestly, if there’s anything I’ve realized, it’s that other people don’t feel this way. Why should I give a flying saucer about what I do if it’s not even meant to affect anyone and if others do not spend time thinking how I’d react to something they did.

Just do whatever the fuck you want and feel good about yourself because there’s really nothing else left to each passing day. I’m sick of people asking me where I am and what I’m doing and I should make a plan. I don’t want to meet anybody unless they want to meet me because it’s not really some sort of favour I’m doing by letting people know stuff that doesn’t even bother them at the end of the day.

I don’t care whether or not this revelation is going to cost me a social scenario because please let’s just calm down and look at the situation this way; how many people really bother to find out how you are, and I don’t mean just a hello on the phone. I’ve been bleeding senseless for the last ten days and almost had alien objects operated off my body and been stressed out by random doctors saying random nonsense and having some of the worst moments back in my college semester what with trying to keep up with making people happy and dealing with their immaturity.

So really, I’ve had my share of nonsense too, but I like to be positive and happy about it. Because even though the bad stuff is all I remember and it assists my migraines in popping out every now and then, I still remember how happy I felt looking at the open sky and stars and listening to Karthik and Kazim screaming Star Wars dialogues and pretending to be Jedis. Even though moments before that trip, I was worried about other people’s emotions, completely undermining my own.

I’m done with the drama and I’m happily living each day with subconscious sobriety. And in order to probe into your subconscious, you need help. Please do that research on your own, because I am not a therapist.

Please do contact me in case you’re looking for a mutually beneficial good time. Because after all, I’m just another individual looking in hopeless corners for happiness. And honestly, there are VERY few people in this world who have been able to inculcate those powers within themselves.

To all those who have stuck by me through thick and thin and will hopefully remember my birthday enough to put through a call (because I’m getting charged on roaming too, so let’s see who’s gonna be selfish) I salute you and it feels extremely warm in some corner of me, to be your true friend. And that list isn’t really a lot, and I’m glad it’s that way.

x EdgyShark x

P.S If you’re not happy with where you are then change it because you’re not a freaking tree.