I’m Still Missing Something

The evening’s here. I’ve done some things, but I don’t feel like I’m done with this Sunday. Or maybe, it’s because Cookie’s gone. Yes, that must be it.

No, going to Tolly Club doesn’t automatically make you feel like an aantel. So after walking around the greened golf stretches, I went back to doing what I’m good at – Swinging.

That speck is actually a fox

That speck is actually a fox

In it’s literal sense.

And of course, after leaving, I had to make my usual Barista stop, today being a Sunday and all. And anyway I wasn’t feeling satisfied. Barista Boy was surprised I was late and not staying, and threw me my usual tic-tacs with a smile.


x EdgyShark x

P.S Here are some photos we took when we celebrated Teachers’ Day at school. I loved the way Oodler and myself were all spontaneous and sang “I’ll Follow You Into The Dark” at the end of it, and practically made a few of them oldies wipe tears !

The place turned out to look something like this. Minus the crowd, add more helium hearts.

What did ya expect? Teachers photographs?!

What did ya expect? Teachers photographs?!

With Kavya With Pallavi


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  1. Fair enough. Death Cab For Cutie should be used somewhere.

    On an entirely different note, don’t you think Tictacs are exceptionally worthless?

    • I think that’s the reason why I’ve been living on them for the last I don’t know how many days. I pop them in, and then I’m all like “AAAAH! Why’d I do that!?” It’s getting addictive.

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