I’m OUT!

I’m free and I feel SO great. Talking to my mom makes everything in the world awesome again. There’s sunlight on my window pane and colours streaming in through my eyes. No more sadness, especially not over something that I wasn’t able to do! Big shit, I’ll do it again. Jobs got chucked out of his own company and then karma hit everyone later.

Besides this small little thing doesn’t even define who I am ! All the crying’s done, killed some zombies to take my frustration off, meditated, all that jazz.

Now it’s finally time to get down on my butt and bring my appetite back.

x EdgyShark x

P.S If you’re ever feeling downtrodden, just drop in a hint and I’ll be there to the rescue. ‘Coz that’s what sharks do! (Eat all the bullshit, in case you were wondering :P)


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  1. Kudos !! That’s my Girl !!!!

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