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Something’s pulling me under; something’s pulling me asunder.

My throat is all clenched up and hyperventilation’s become a thing of the present.

I feel like I’m on fire, and not even in a good way. I honestly have no idea wnbteoig wfs wkngH  I am sick of the words ‘ought and should’ and what not, partly because of my jurisprudence syllabus.

I am just too in deep with emotion and my greatest fear I guess, is that that won’t be valued.

I’m not even sure if that’s okay or not.




This is really embarrassing but I’m just reminded time and again that I have no knees at all and that you make me go all jelly and wobbly like the Prince of Idaho. Somehow that makes me think about bumblebees and how you cannot stop laughing at how retarded I got that day I was enamored in yellow.

I know that just because it’s not happening now doesn’t mean it never will. (I need to stop letting Pinterest sympathise with me.)

I want to hit myself in the head with a rock. Trust me, if anyone got around to doing that I will welcome it and not hold them liable because I’d rather feel some physical torment light me up for a change so there’s some distraction from within the confines of my cable wires chaotic stupid head.


This post is so messed up. I WANT TO GO HOME. WE HOME!

F*&# !

x EdgyShark x



I’m OUT!

I’m free and I feel SO great. Talking to my mom makes everything in the world awesome again. There’s sunlight on my window pane and colours streaming in through my eyes. No more sadness, especially not over something that I wasn’t able to do! Big shit, I’ll do it again. Jobs got chucked out of his own company and then karma hit everyone later.

Besides this small little thing doesn’t even define who I am ! All the crying’s done, killed some zombies to take my frustration off, meditated, all that jazz.

Now it’s finally time to get down on my butt and bring my appetite back.

x EdgyShark x

P.S If you’re ever feeling downtrodden, just drop in a hint and I’ll be there to the rescue. ‘Coz that’s what sharks do! (Eat all the bullshit, in case you were wondering :P)

Soaked in a Rainbow


#SoakNoMore is all I kept telling myself, incident after another, as I delved deeper into the circus madness! 

Toddlers are a handful; and that literally means when you’ve got one kid on your back and a couple others jumping around like hungry monkeys, there’s nothing more you can do with your two hands.

I remember when I was in Mumbai earlier this year, excited to meet all my little cousins (let’s call them Li’l G, Li’l M, Li’l L and Li’l P) and shower them with a zany time, ready to take on sisterhood and babysit them only to have their mums wipe the sweat off their brows and take retreat and tell me I was about to have an eventful next few days. Even though they’re barely three years old, I felt this need to imprint a fabulous time within their minds and have them remember me when they grow older.

The afternoon sun fades away and the kids wake up from their slumber; ‘let’s go to the park’, they start squealing with joy at the thought of having someone able enough to run around with them, unlike their tired mums for a change. ‘It’ll be great for my muscles,’ I think to myself. But first, they needed to be fed. I sat on the python couch as my little sister, Li’l G sulked with a glass of milk in her hands, making faces at me. In my capacity as an older sister I tried to make her smile at a silly joke and drink the milk but little did I know that my joke had more than an excellent effect on her, making her snort the milk out on my clothes.

SOAKED!, in creamy lactose I yelped and tried to get everything cleaned up before someone blamed me for it, while the little imp, she strutted away, happy that her glass of milk was taken care of. After putting on clean clothes, I walked into the next room, looking at Li’l L making faces at his clothes. He had to get dressed, and putting him into his park attire was probably as good as studying a Ph.D in baby sciences. However, it didn’t take him long to make sure that I was SOAKED! in his pee. *YUCK* I thought in my mind, trying to keep my calm together.

‘It’s just pee!!’ I comforted myself while Li’l P was handed into my arms, his drool all over my neck. So much drool, as the little tot laughed and I didn’t even have the heart to put him down and clean my SOAKED!self once again. I was so sure that they’d probably over power me at the park and have me roll around in the mud, so there was no point in getting ready again. We got back home after a great evening and Li’l M and Li’l L bring out their paints, splash it all over the floor and my white shirt, and go tell every soul alive that it was me who did it. SOAKED! in finger paint I gave up, as the need to feel some peace and non-liquidy matter finally SOAKED! my brain 😛

x EdgyShark x

For more information, check out #SoakNoMore at Indiblogger!

21st Century On The Run

This post was written for Indiblogger/Vodafone #InternetIsFun. Click to know more, enjoy reading this on your phone 😀

I can’t seem to imagine a time when people said they didn’t have cell phones, let alone a time that they had no means to even communicate with each other. But it’s true, and it’s formed a past of generations of people, and luckily, I don’t fall into one of those categories, because I wonder, what these people would do when they were;

a) bored

b) caught in awkward situations

c) waiting for someone to arrive

d) ALL of the above! 

And voila, we now have smart phones – the ultimate toy for a penultimate being living in the world today, a device with the world’s best creation, the internet, on it. How can the internet not be fun? It provides utmost amusement to all creatures far and wide, especially when taking the above survey. Let me explain how this works (for me).

*Brace yourself*

Boredom: When my insides are squeaking and yelling out to me and I’m soaking in the hot tropical weather of this country, I feel bored and lazy. I would like to pick up a book or switch on the television, or even my laptop for that matter, but its just too hot to move. At a time like this, my brain tells me to ‘do’ something because well, I’ll get all restless and crazy if I don’t do anything.

Question: So what do I do?

Answer: EASY. Pick up my BB (kept right next to me, don’t even have to stretch my limbs farther than a few cms) and fiddle with it! I can waste happy time this way, browsing through random pages, downloading all kinds of wacky apps, (it’s true, there’s even a period checker 😐 and how *else* would I have known that if it hadn’t been for the inter-galactic-super-awesome-net on my phone?) *Sigh the app store is the next best thing to Zara*

Caught in awkward situations: I have no idea what someone belonging to the yesteryear did when they were caught in an awkward moment; I’ll help you with a few examples – you’re sitting on a deserted bus and someone comes and sits right next to you. Take out your phone and do something on the internet.  OR, an awkward moment where your friend’s having a fight with their relatives and suddenly they turn to you for advice, and your face looks like 😐 Obviously, the internet helps if not more, because you can actually google something worthwhile to say if not absorb yourself into some Angry Birds.

Waiting for someone to arrive: Since we have phones now, we make people wait. Earlier, it was like meet me at the Latte joint at 5 and the world was a more punctual place. Except for that occasional road accident and then you had to wait for the hospital authorities to call someone; now it’s like update your status in a social network account and everyone in the world knows what your deal is. So yes, no digression, tell me, can you think of a world where one cannot whip out their phones and go wild on the internet, especially when they’re busy waiting for people, transport, or even the morning tea to arrive?

Of course you can’t.

So that’s how the internet’s fun for me on my phone!

Let me end with this; if the internet wasn’t fun to do all of the above mentioned on the phone, then I would still be hanging around with one of those hardy pieces of plastic, playing Snake 😀 (b&w!) for eternity.

But then came the internet –> a phone with the internet –> and Power To (You!)Me 😀

To know more, just click And obviously, that’s on the internet too.

A House Full of Crazy

I’ve been living in an apartment for the last one week with a bunch of five-six girls doing their own thing. It’s like America’s Next Top Model’s fashion house, except minus the glam-o-r-o-u-s. Sometimes it’s fun, but then obviously rthruyhtrjr.

Also, I’m still living out of my suitcase which makes me feel even more like a nomad, but it’s cool like that. Anyway my pizza’s on it’s way and I’m really not in the mood to live in an apartment with so many chicks. It’s alright for once, but I wanna get out of here, get my own place.


x EdgyShark x

Bleeding Blue!

There’s so much positivity in India today!!

Apparently, there are a billion people in this country who would, if not for passing a law or attaining some kind of justice, happily bleed all their blood away to watch the cricket team bring home the World Cup.

What is it about this crazy sport that binds every Indian to the core and helps them meet eye to eye? Cricket surpasses everything in this country, even the things that otherwise boil the blood of every man living here and make him go violent; religion, competition, politics, survival – you name it and cricket any day weighs heavier on the scale.

It’s crazy, the spirit catches on. I’m happy to know that at least there are some things in life that remain common among a person’s roots. And despite people forgetting these values as they grow up, there are some more aesthetic things like cricket that join them back together and transform every Indian into each other’s kin as he was meant to be.

We’re actually bleeding blue for the royal spirit of humanity.

Even if for half a day, it’s amazing how people forget hatred; they forget all kinds of barriers conflicting their hearts that tear them away from each other; they forget about the differences of opinion and just let things be. People bring back their lost smiles.

And that’s what makes me happy.

x EdgyShark x

Flyin’ High

I love airplanes. I think they’re one of man’s greatest inventions. Actually, I like the whole feel of being even close to an airport. The drive to the airport’s always fun, the entire atmosphere of an airport is so exciting, it gives me a sugar rush. Sometimes, when inside a craft, I wish I just stay there high in the air and keep enjoying the music on my laptop without any interference. (Except, I’ve never been on those crazy trans-continental flights, so I think I should stop wishing to be stuck in mid air!)

But then, I love it when people arrive, or I go somewhere else. And wander.

Have a happy touchdown.

x EdgyShark x

A Beautiful Mind

You come across all kinds of people in life. And then there are some who you really want to know and slowly try and weave your mind across theirs, trying to make them feel your presence as well.

Beauty is in the mind and the only way it can affect a person is by causing a certain sense of acceptance. The mind creates and destroys; emotions, pain and thought.

And the beauty of it all lies within that one soul that helps you to embrace the power that you have created inside, and the power that slowly takes over the surrounding environment.

x EdgyShark x

The Sexy Jerseys

There were Ja’bulanis, vuvuzelas and angry referees. There were exciting goals and penalties and stupid animals predicting nonchalances which put even more pressure on the players. Or let’s get this straight, there was one such stupid Octopus who made my German boys look as worried as the Italians and the French, who last time met at the finals, and this time, at the airport.

Here goes the list for undoubtedly the hottest players this fourth year at the football World Cup, 2010.

  • Thomas Mueller (Germany)
  • Frederick Ljunberg (Sweden)
  • Roque Santa Cruz (Paraguay)
  • Yoan Gourcuff (France)
  • Kaka (Brazil)
  • Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Take your pick!

x EdgyShark x

Prudence, It Used To Be

It’s possible, I do have the capacity to break into a rant after all this time, AGAIN.

I’d promised all of you that I’d be writing regularly, no matter what part of the world I am in. Although, even if it isn’t safe to say that I’ve burdened with balanced amounts of fun and work, I will have to because no other excuse seems liable enough to fund off parts of my ego to you on this very requited portal.

Mumbai’s been great, and there’s still a week left. What with the racing back home and not sitting down to play interesting board games with the rest of my cousins because of an overload of content writing, dancing the nights away at clubs, chilling (and killing!), it’s been a crazy summer. Yet, a week’s left, and I would bet every rupee that I made, that it’s still going to get better than this.

Well, while we’re still here.

Something I miss out on is the fact that I haven’t been able to go exploring on my own as yet. I’d thought about this sometime back as well, but it just didn’t happen. Maybe this week. If not, then I’m coming back again. I’ve got great ideas waiting to be exploited, a crazy looking hairdo and an exciting atmosphere that sustains the highest levels of astonishment around me.

And nothing could get better than that.

x EdgyShark x