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I want to be looked at like I’m magic.

No matter what the time of day,

No matter where your thoughts sashay.

I want to be thought of like I’m a gleam of summer

In a patch of snow.

When you turn a peachy cheek as the wind billows,

And your lips softly slink into a smile.

I want to be looked at

Like I look at you.

x EdgyShark x


Marooned on a Bronze Island

“Im going to defame this bloody place down.”

I have really managed to put my anxiety attacks under control, on another, albeit related, note.

The college authorities have really flown off the handle (this time?) Just witnessed an entire gathering of festive enthusiasts get suspended for conforming with tradition. It’s that colourful time of the year again on the Hindu calendar and well, you can’t really blame people for spreading a little cheer in this ridiculously poop coloured institution.

All my gratitude to your sorry stymied behinds for having shut down the library and the cyber zone for four whole days. It is because of you that I am having to endure Rebecca Black’s Friday just because TGIF. There’s no weekend, there is only focus to look forward to.

[If it’s not enough torture already, they just published the end term schedule and it’s gazumping with our brains on the loop. Seems like it was just a tad difficult to not be ruthless and/or fiendish and inform us that the semester would be ending a couple days earlier. My fairy godmother’s going to fly me back on her magic carpet. Of course that can be preponed, without a hitch.]

Nonetheless, we are SO getting through and spending this much deserved extended weekend towards the later half of this year all across on the other side of this Brobdingnagian globe. Hi-five partner, je t’aime!

I’m sorry for trying to bring you down and I really mean that I’m not going to get all hot and cold and naive and collusive because I understand, as much as the contrary may seem to persist, that you’re only a child too. We all are. And you’re only trying to keep your boat afloat.

Can I just stick a flag on your sail though? Pretty please 🙂 I love the water right now too. Let’s dip our feet down and let dolphins swerve and meander around our ankles!

I’m telling you, the day we get out of this place, we’ve survived, I’m going to sing ‘We are the Champions’ butt naked on the roof.

x EdgyShark x

P.S I still need my degree, which is probably going to be provisional for a couple years after I pass out, so don’t take that above mentioned dare as a contractual obligation on my part. I’m all for a nude jig, dancing to Queen but I don’t think R@wr-town’s ready for me yet.

Let’s Face A Thousand Fears

Walk through the light, I’m already there. I’ll heal your heart in here.

And through this night, we’ll open each door and face a thousand fears.

And all this aching will disappear, when this night is done.

And when you speak it’s the only voice I will hear you are the one.

You know what I hate?

Being away.

It’s killing me and I know it’s killing whoever’s supposed to be on the other side.


x EdgyShark x

Where’s My Monkey?

Things I need, and FAST!

  • A DSLR so I can capture time with beauty and not just the random snazz digital cameras give. I have creativity, I need more substance 😛
  • A pretty Jap-Indo printed dress
  • Some Zing
  • Half an entrepreneurship project
  • Robert Downey Jr at my disposal
  • A photo mug coupon (Yes, I’m STILL stuck there!)
  • More Aldo
  • An accepted application to NLUD

P.S If you still didn’t get me anything for my birthday, you could recheck here, I’ve made it easy for you. 😉

Karma: Jenson Button for 2011 Championships!

Random Stranger #453: Why suddenly? You know  you can support Mark Webber if you want. I won’t tease you 😛
Karma: Because he’s so last season. He’s like… the clearance sales at Aldo. I want Jenson now 😀

x EdgyShark x

A Beautiful Mess

A spiritual canvas where you can paint your fantasies with a myriad of colors.

The beautiful skin on which tingles the music of the universe.

Moist tears, fresh after an argument. They’re waiting to be wiped away with those gentle and caressing fingers.

A beautiful mind, learning to feel the pain.

And grow, and love.

x EdgyShark x

Romeo And Juliet

I’m not going to say anything. And you wouldn’t either.

She cries in the night. She’s all alone, twilight’s fallen. The moonshine streams in through her silky curtains, milky in colour, as it radiates the glow of her skin on the walls around her. She doesn’t feel trapped, but she knows she’s been captured. Her green eyes, a window to her soul, scream out in desperation. It wasn’t meant to happen. The tears fall down her face, like water gushing out of a broken dam. And they keep falling.

And there’s no one to wipe them away.

All she can think to herself is, “Cry Juliet, cry. It’ll make you feel better if nothing else.”

x EdgyShark x

You Know What?!

I don’t think I can write today. Like I could have written about some insight I got through a conversation with the Godfather or something, but since my memory is currently fading away like a ripple, and since I have some bazillion work logs to attend to, AND since I’ve been in a comparatively worse mood today because of society and the likes.

So long.

Right, and thanks for the fish.

x EdgyShark x

Short Winter Naps

I bet you’re thinking that the title of this post is like some kind of a contradiction. Obviously, I don’t feel that way.

Autumn leaves it’s spell behind as winter falls in suddenly. And then, it’s all about the hot chai, shawls, nice French music, good conversation, and a nice fuzzy feeling inside.

I’m doing all the above, along with being on a natural high courtesy Porcupine Tree. Ephemeral naps are how I want them to be. I don’t want to miss out on even a moment of the coldly warm weather all around me.

I don’t have dreams now-a-nights because the season’s bringing out my innermost thoughts in a way that they’re being showcased in front of me, like a familiar vivid image of a myriad of colours and contours. Of  emotional wants and needs.

It’s a wonderful feeling. I feel like I’m alive and kicking after a long time.

x EdgyShark x

Curious Vindication

A storm raging through my frozen heart. Rain lashing against the sloped glass panes, while they do tequila and Across the Universe soundtracks in next to darkness. The only source of light being the moon shine, begging to escape the dark clutches of thunder.

The Fake Hangover

Person reading this please note: A fake hangover is not called so because it is not a serious affair. Au contraire, it is exactly that, probably worse than a real one, but no assumptions to be made without actual experience of the situation.

And I think I’ve come to the conclusion that this was one of the worst hangovers, like in ever. It’s all good when you’re getting the cork to pop out, drinking straight out of the bottle. And even losing your mind before; posing with it pretending to have won a pole position at the Singapore grand prix, and spraying the podium with alcohol.

A hangover takes place when you get drunk and sleep on it. Now getting drunk, is not a mean feat. And no, it doesn’t necessarily include the use of glowy absinthe. Because sometimes, even oxygen can do the trick. (You know, the whole too-much-of-anything-is-not-good argument …)

We laughed. And rolled around. Clicked about a gazillion photographs, and laughed some more.

However, as the wee hours of morning approached, we had to bid adieu, like every other star accepts the shining power of the Sun, without much resistance.

The day began with agitation. Recklessness, and the desire to catch a six minute quick nap for about eight hours. What a distant dream that seemed like.

No caffeine to help me out of the madness that raged within the membranes of my brain. Not even the hints of a sane conversation or left overs of the night that lasted, stuck around to assist the storm that went wild.

My head hurt during class. And my thoughts ran amock. I became what I become at rare times like these: Philosophically outrageous.

And since I don’t talk much when confined within the walls of that campus, I wrote my frustration down on paper. In French that too.

There are very few humans left on Earth. People waste way too much time on materialistic things. I feel like time’s running out.

You know what, you’re going to realise that on your own sometime. Until that epiphany occurs, continue on like you’ve been doing. It’s your life anyway.

x EdgyShark x